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Monday, December 05, 2005


Oh yeah, I went to court and pled not guilty to the charges of selling to a visibly intoxicated person, and now I'm scheduled for a court date on January 17th. It's up to me to get an attorney or do whatever I need to do in order to prepare for my court date. I'm thinking I'll probably apply for a public defender and see what happens.

Wish me luck,

02:11 -epw



I don't remember the last time I posted, so I'll try to cover everything as is it right now and not worry about catching anyone up. Right now I'm working at The Bird, a liquor store near my house. I've got a girlfriend, Kitty, and am still living at my grandmother's old house. Right now Eric (and Lindsay, his girlfriend) are in the process of moving out, Kitty's pretty much moved in, and Elliott's occupying the third bedroom. Other than that, I've been doing more of the same: Sleeping, working, drinking, playing WoW, and... ummm.... sleeping.

I guess that's about it.

01:57 -epw

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