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Tuesday, December 31, 2002


Sunday and Monday nights were spent playing Icewind Dale II and ripping The Lord of The Rings CDs. They are now fully ripped, and it's almost 54 hours of 320 Kbit/s audio (or about 8 GB of mp3s). I found out that the last 3 CDs of The Return of The King were actually another book called The Annals of The Kings and Rulers. Now I'm in the process of uploading them to the communal mp3 archive (which should take just under 4 days). I don't have any solid plans for New Year's Eve, but Adam invited us to come and hang out and drink and play video games at his house since his dad will be out all night. There will probably be all kinds of parties around the neighborhood, so I guess I'll just show up at home after work and see what happens.

My Dad called me a little while ago and told me that Sandia Computers (one of the local computer repair shops) was hiring, so I'm gonna stop by there after work and see if they'll hire me. I could probably get a discount on computers if I worked there, too. I just hope that I get that job and don't get burned out an working on computer to the point where I don't want to work on my own. I don't work tomorrow, but I do work on Thursday. Ummm... I think that's about it for now. Aufwiedersehen.
15:03 -epw

Sunday, December 29, 2002


Whew! Happy Kwanza, Christmas, Winter Solstice, etc. to everyone. Today is Sunday and it's way too early to have to be awake and working. On the upside, however, the MCI call center I'm guarding is closed today so I expect to see no more than a dozen people all day long. Last night we (Will, Mikey, Adam, and I) continued our D&D adventure in which I had to recover a stolen holy artifact, the Tear of Pelor, from a vampiric ogre mage in return for the holy heavy mace +1 that I acquired through the church. It wasn't easy, and our party got a total of 6 levels drained throughout the course of the night. We did succeed, though; we also were able to find a cleric of high enough level to restore our drained levels. Mikey gained a level last night, which makes him an 8th level character (Sorcerer-6/Fighter-2). He's planning on becoming a dragon disciple here pretty soon. We made enough money from the ogre's treasure horde that we were able to pay for our restoration and get Adam's character some full plate +2. Now he's even harder to hit than I am. We also got ahold of a books-on-CD version of the Lord of The Rings last night, which I am currently in the process of ripping. There's about 53 hours of narration on something like 45 CDs, so it'll take a little while to rip them all and sort them properly. I made it up to disc 10 of The Two Towers last night by about 3:30, which is a little over halfway done. It's going to take close to 8 GB to store all the mp3s, but they are recorded at 320 Kbits, which is damn good audio resolution. Each book is about 15 CDs, and each CD is about 25 Tracks of approximately 3 minutes each; so basically I'm ripping about 1200 mp3s. We've also been playing Icewind Dale II for the past few days. Will got it for Christmas, and I broke down and installed Windows 98 on one of my drives so we could play at our house. Installing Windows was a real pain because I only had the Windows 98 Upgrade CD, which looks for previously installed versions of Windows before it will install. I tried all kinds of things, but eventually tricked it by downloading all the Windows 95 files it was looking for and placing them in a win95 directory and claiming that Windows 95 was previously installed there. Since arrakis is now dual-booting, I think I'm going to move all the webserver stuff over to adrastea so that when we're playing Windows games you can still access the abq.netdot.net and guitarworks.us websites. I'm also planning on uploading the Lord of The Rings audiobooks to rum, but It'll take many days to get them there. That's pretty much all that's been going on recently, but if I think of anything I missed I'll try and remember to give you an update. Until then, live long and prosper.
08:17 -epw

Monday, December 23, 2002


Alright, I re-enabled the firewall and got the network back up for the moment. I'm trying to get some tunnels set up and get routed and bind to properly serve IP addresses and provide routes, but it's been difficult to get everything up and working together. I know it's possible, but the tunnels don't seem to come up at the moment. Other than that, I played some Jedi Starfighter for PS2 and have a few beers. ttyl.
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Sunday, December 22, 2002


Friday night I went bowling with Adam and Mikey, and I bowled a 170 the first game. That was my best game (of 3) but I consistently broke 100, so that's not too bad. On Saturday I worked 12:30 to 21:00, and then came home and played some D&D with Will, Adam, and Mikey. My character made level 7, so now I can cast 4th level divine spells, which are pretty cool. After that, Dave showed up and we played some Spiderman bowling for the PS2 (one of the minigames) and hung out for a little bit. Adam went home, then Will and Dave left, and then Mikey and I read a bunch of D&D rule books to better familiarize ourselves with our characters. I went to bed around 06:00, and I'm working again today from 12:30 to 21:00. I've got no plans for today, but tomorrow my Dad wants me to rehearse with him and the people that are going to play music at church on Christmas. Other than that, I don't work again (or at least I'm not scheduled) until Thursday, so these few days off should be nice and relaxing. I've been mucking with my network configuration again, and I may have broken connectivity to the outside world from my internal network. I need to try and fix it from home since I accidentally flushed all the firewall rules from the ip filtering table, and since the default is to block all packets, I can't get in from outside to fix it. I'll try to remember and blog the status once I have it in some sort of working condition. Live long and prosper.
17:19 -epw

Friday, December 20, 2002


Sorry about not blogging for the past few days, but I've been busy with work and car repairs and chillin'. Wednesday night Mike and I went to see The Two Towers, which kicked ass. We had to borrow my parent's van to get there because my clutch hook snapped on Wednesday morning on my way to work. That sucked alot... I had to drive home in second gear trying desperately not to stop since I couldn't shift at all. I made it home and got a ride to work from my boss. After the movie, my parents lent me the van overnight so I could tow the bug back to the house and start the repairs the next day. Thursday I towed the bug back to the house and replaced the clutch hook (the small piece of metal that pulls on the clutch cable when you depress the clutch pedal), which had totally worn through to the point that it finally just snapped while I was driving. Friday (today) I'm working, and I don't really have any plans for tonight but I'll try and put up something if I make plans or after I've done something. Until then, be well.
11:44 -epw

Tuesday, December 17, 2002


Alrighty, I'm back. I called Caroline last night, but I got her voicemail so I'm just going to be patient and keep calling her every week or so.

On a totally separate note, my dad bought guitarworks.us to use to try and sell the guitar-making tools and templates he's developed over the years. I set up DNS and a preliminary (placeholder) website for it, but I need to get together with him and see exactly what he wants. I get the feeling he won't have any idea what he wants on it and I'm going to have to do pretty much all of the design and implementation work. On the upside, however, he said he'd give me a percentage of the profits that he makes off the site. Now to figure out how to construct a web store from scratch by myself. Fun, fun.

Oh yeah, last night we rented a couple of Jet Li movies: The Master, and The Legend of the Swordsman. They were both pretty good kung-fu movies, but I liked The Legend of the Swordsman better than The Master.
16:36 -epw

Monday, December 16, 2002


Well, nast night was largely uneventful. I got off of work and went home where Mikey and I quickly became engrossed in D&D books. After a while, Mikey called up Adam, Locky, and Will and tried to get a gaming session together. Will was hanging out with Susan, and we never managed to get ahold of Locky, but Adam came over and we just chilled and had a few beers and played Super Smash Brothers Melee. I actually spent most of the time reading Dragons of Autumn Twilight and went to bed pretty early (for me at least). Now I am at work... again... and I work every day until Wednesday. I can't wait to get out of here, even though I've only been here less than an hour so far.
08:32 -epw

Sunday, December 15, 2002


Work sure does suck, doesn't it? I was about 40 minutes late to work today, and they guy I was replacing was on the phone to my boss when I walked in, so he hands the phone over to me like I want to talk to our boss first thing in the morning when I'm late. I hate that guy. Our boss asks me stupid rhetorical questions, and then the guy I was replacing proceeds to tell me about how he got on the computer and surfed the web all night, like I care. He doesn't use proper terminology, much less display an understanding of what he's doing at all. Grrrrr.... Some people's kids, man!

All that aside, we (Adam, Will, Mikey, Locky, and I) gamed last night and I had a good time. My cleric ended the session about 2000XP shy of level 7, which is pretty cool. Once I'm seventh level, I'll be able to cast 4th level spells. Since we gamed last night, I didn't have a chance to call Caroline (well, I suppose I had a chance, but I didn't want to be put in the situation where I'd have to say "No, I can't come hang out right now because I'm in the middle of a raging game of Dungeons and Dragons... Sorry, maybe next time") but I plan to in the near future. I think because I waited this long, she is almost assuredly in New York already but I will still give her a call and see what's up.

On another note, I'm trying to start going to school (again). I need to go to UNM and talk to an academic advisor to see what the best way would be to raise my GPA so I can get admitted to UNM so I can finish my CS degree. I'm in a wierd situation right now because the only classes whose "F"s I can replace to raise my GPA are classes that aren't offered at TVI, only UNM. So I can either take a bunch of new classes and try to do really well and hopefully it will pull my GPA up enough, or I can try and convince UNM to let me in regardless of my GPA so I can re-take those classes and raise my GPA significantly. Either way, I should really get a move on since winter break is practically here and I imagine it's pretty diffficult to go talk to the people at UNM over winter break. Oh, did I mention that I'm sick of my job? Yeah, I think that was in there somewhere. Anyway, until next time... be well.
11:59 -epw

Saturday, December 14, 2002


Last night was bowling night. Adam, Dave, Mikey and I went bowling and my high score for the night was a 168. Not bad, but I've done better. Adam is getting his (next) tattoo today, which is going to be of two little dancing tiki men with spears and booze (a happy and sad one), and a hula girl on the beach with some palm trees and a sunset. It's going to be in full color and cover the majority of his upper-right arm. It should look pretty cool when it's done, but I think he'll have to go back in for some additional coloring sessions. I think Mikey and probably Dave are going to go with him to get it done, and then probably go to a bar after that and chill and drink for a while. Today I'm planning on calling Caroline and hopefully I can figure out if she's still around town or whether she's already left for NY. Right now I'm at MCI doing the work thing, but my Mom just dropped of the recently-repaired bug, so now I have my own car again. I haven't driven it yet, though, so we'll see how it runs when I get off work (or when Eric gets here, whichever comes first). Eric's actually supposed to be here at 12:30, but usually we split the difference of our shift overlap and trade off then. (i.e. he comes in and I leave around 14:15 instead of him coming in at 12:30 and me leaving at 16:00).

I'm going to try and blog more often now that my home network is fully configured. I was not blogging for a while there because it was set up to publish to www.thuntek.net/~ewellman (mirrored onto epw.netdot.net), which used to allow ftp in, but stopped at some point, and so i couldn't publish my blog. I can't open up my ftp port because ftp is terribly insecure, but blogger.com will allow you to host your blog with them, and even give you your own hostname. So now my blog is at epw.blogspot.com, which I may be able to mirror to epw.netdot.net [down as of 14.12.2002] or epw.abq.netdot.net more likely since nova (the machine that hosts epw.netdot.net has been having some difficulty booting up recently. It's ok once it's up and running, but if I try to reboot, it won't come back online (which makes things difficult since the machine is in Berkeley, CA and I am in Albuquerque, NM). Anyway, epw.abq.netdot.net is currently my home directory on arrakis, but I may set it up in the near future to be a mirror of my blog. We'll see...
13:11 -epw


Well, I finally got the DSL set up at my house. Actually, it's been set up for quite a while now, but I've been occupied with configuring my servers. The PII-500 that chaley sent me (adrastea) is working like a champ and currently acts as our firewall, internal/external DNS server, and does network address translation for the rest of the internal network. I got the new motherboard and processor for arrakis, but it turned out I needed a new video card also. Not to worry, though, I picked one of those up in town and got arrakis up and running again. We got the power supply for Mikey's laptop, but after about 20 hours of use, the hard drive (and/or) the hard drive controller started going out. Currently, work has been abandoned on the laptop, and we use arrakis (FreeBSD arrakis.abq.netdot.net 4.7-RELEASE) as our main desktop system. Ummm... what else is new? ...a bunch of stuff, but I think this will be all for this post. Thanks for noticing me :)
11:00 -epw

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