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Sunday, September 15, 2002


Greetings, fellow 'netizens... I apologize for the lack of entries recently (especially compared to the frequency I had going just after I started blogging), but I've been working on getting my DSL and home LAN set up so I can blog from home instead of only from work or someone else's house. I need to get a new motherboard and CPU for arrakis, and I'm also trying to reassemble an old 486DX2-50 that I had lying around so I can make it into a firewall box. So far it's been moderately successful, but you'd be surprised how difficult it is to find hardware that works with a 10+ year old machine. There's an ISA ethernet card on its way, and I need to track down another one so it can be an effective firewall. The real limiting factor at the moment is how much cash I can afford to spend on computer parts without biting into rent money and money for the phone/DSL bill. Hopefully I can get the firewall and arrakis up and running within the next few weeks or so. If anyone has spare parts that they're willing to part with, let me know, cause I'll gladly take whatever you've got. Let's see... Other than that, I've been playing lots of video games and working. Some of the titles I've been playing recently are: Shadow Madness [PSX], Chrono Trigger [SNES], Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past [SNES], Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask [N64], Jak and Daxter [PS2], and Mark of Kri [PS2]. Last night I ran an AD&D adventure for Locky and Big Mike. It went pretty well... I was a little nervous running since I don't do it very often and I always choke when I have to make something up on the spur of the moment that fits with everything else I have planned. Today I have to work a double shift (08:00-16:00 @ MCI, and 16:00-00:00 @ Yellow Freight). It's gonna suck a lot, but after tonight I only work one day out of the next seven (I get Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday off), so I guess it's worth it. In any case, I'll be around now and then... If anyone ever wants to call me, I finally got our land line working at home, so it's possible to reach me at home now (+1.505.268.8857). Peace out.
14:39 -epw

Tuesday, September 03, 2002


Yowza! Alan's 21st birthday celebration was a crazy, crazy, fun-filled day of drinking and mayhem. That was yesterday, btw. We began in the morning (~11:00) by driving down to San Antonio, NM and going to the Owl Bar & Cafe for some green chile cheeseburgers and bourbon, scotch, and beers. Around 15:00 we headed back to my place and chilled for a bit before going to Kelly's Brew Pub for a few pitchers of dank beer and some grub. Then we walked back to my house and did some Irish car bombs before heading downtown to Anodyne (a pool-hall/bar). Once we got there, we really started drinking. At this point, things start to get a little hazy in my memory. Getting to work this morning was a bunch of fun, though. Work's been dragging reeeeal slowly today, but there's only a few more hours to go... see ya on the flip side.
12:54 -epw

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