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Tuesday, July 30, 2002


"What rolls down stairs, alone or in pairs, rolls over your neighbor's dog? It's great for a snack, it fits on your back, it's blog, blog, blog. It's blog, it's blog, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood, it's blog, it's blog, it's better than bad, it's good."
12:11 -epw

Sunday, July 28, 2002


Boy does it feel good to get off work. I had to work again today at Yellow Freight (08:00-16:00). There was a going away party for Robin last night that was kinda crazy. It got busted up by the cops at least two times that I know of. There were a lot of people there I didn't know, and some people I knew but never expected to see them there. All in all it was a good night, but I did manage to get only about 2 hours of sleep before I had to get up and go to work. Aside from that minor inconvenience, today's been pretty chill. I still haven't decided whether I'm going to try and catch some more sleep or not. When I tried that yesterday, I ended sleeping until almost 22:00. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?
16:36 -epw

Saturday, July 27, 2002


I worked today at Yellow Freight. It was hot and long. I read about 100 pages of Speaker for the Dead at work, though. Now I'm gonna get ready to go to Robin's going away party. I have to pick up Mikey and then we'll go to the party. Last night there was a little get together at Pat's, since he's also moving at the end of this month. It was fun, but I stayed out ontil almost 04:00 and I had to work at 08:00. I ended up being about half an hour late to workk, but I think everyone will forget about that. Anyway, that's all for now- see you next time.
22:17 -epw

Friday, July 26, 2002


Dear blog,
Today I agreed to rent an apartment with Mikey. We told the landlord that we'd rent it and so now she's getting it ready for us and we're moving Mikey out of his current place. We tried to game tonight, but Locky wanted to play and since Mike was nowhere near ready to run, I was elected to run. Unfortunately I wasn't able to pull an adventure out of my ass like Locky is capable of. He gave me a lot of good suggestions on writing adventures and getting the players involved without doing tons and tons of overhead work. So now my job is to write _something_ that we can play next time we get together. Tomorrow I expect Mikey will want me to help him clean up his apartment and pack things up. I also need to tighten the cables attaching my parking brake handle to the parking brake mechanism (in the bug) so that it doesn't break again if I accidentally pull on it too hard. Dave apparently bought a new printer today since our old (relatively new, actually) one wouldn't even print a single page before flipping out and throwing up the paper jam error lights. Anyway, now there's a Lexmark Z54 printer next to me instead of the HP Deskjet 630C (IIRC). Yesterday I didn't do a whole lot except play Warcraft 3. I need to remember to get Sally something for her birthday (or at least call her up and say "Hi! Happy birthday!") on Tuesday. I think that's about it for now. If I think of anything else I'll let you know.
00:34 -epw

Tuesday, July 23, 2002


OK, time to blog. Today I got up around 2ish, maybe 3ish. Mikey called because I told him I'd get up around 14:00 and go look at apartments with him since we have about 9 days to get him (and me) moved into a new apartment. I got there and we (as usual) sat around until class started. We went to class and then went back to Mikey's where we met Will, went to see Road to Perdition, went to O'Niell's (sp?), and got some food at the Frontier. Then Will dorpped us off at Mikey's and I went home pretty much immediately from there. Now I'm at home and the blog is complete.
03:22 -epw

Sunday, July 21, 2002


I think I thourougly pissed off a bunch of people today. I was supposed to either take Elliott to some motocross thing in Moriarity today, or work for Cyclone. Eric asked me a few days ago which I would prefer, and I told him work. So today, Dave wakes Eric and Elliott up around 05:30 to get ready for motocross. I'm just getting to sleep by this time. My work schedule at MCI has me not working today, and so I didn't think much of staying up late. Apparently I was supposed to replace Eric at Yellow Freight from 08:00 to 16:00. I was in no position to do this because I had been up for 15 or so hours already by 06:00, and there's no way I could have stayed up an additional 10 hours (especially at Yellow Freight). So I crashed out and got woken up by Mom about 1.5 hours later telling me I had to go to Yellow Freight. I basically emoted the fact that I had no desire whatsoever to go to Yellow Freight and work for 8 hours. So she called Jonathon's Office and left some kind of message. She also figured that if Eric didn't show up, whoever was being relieved would start calling around until a replacement could be found. I don't know what happened with that situation, but Eric sure was pissed at me when he got home from motocross. I guess he thinks that he'll be blamed for not showing up at Yellow Freight when he had made arrangements with me to take his place. I don't even know why one of us had to take Elliott to motocross anyway... Dave and Betty seemed to be here for most of the day- it seems to me that one of them could have taken him and Eric could have worked and I wouldn't even have to be involved. I hate it when people involve me in things that I never asked to be a part of (especially when I get left with the choice of either doing shit I don't want to do at all, or shafting a bunch of people by not doing it). Fuck it all, I just don't care anymore.
16:52 -epw


Well, I missed a few days in there... let me try and recount what happened: Wednesday I went to TVI and met Mikey after class and we went to his house where we made Shadowrun characters with Will (the GM). Thursday Mikey and I drove around town looking at apartments, and then played Locky's AD&D adventure. Friday I woke around 15:00 and took my time waking up. I eventually went down to Mikey's place because he told me he'd made a 16:30 appointment to go see some apartment. When I got to his house (around 16:35), he said he'd cancelled the appointment. So we eventually ended up at Will Hume's house where we played Warcraft 3 for some obscene amount of time. Then I took Mikey home and went home. This morning (Saturday) I woke up in time to be at work at 08:00, but when I got there I found out that I wasn't scheduled, so I came back home and went to sleep. Eventually I got up, showered, checked my email, loaded the dishwasher, and picked up Mikey at his apartment and went to Will's where Adam, Mikey, and I played a Shadowrun adventure GM'd by Will. After that I took Mikey home and come home. I think that about covers it... Whew!
04:07 -epw

Wednesday, July 17, 2002


Well, no Stacy for epw today. I guess I need to start getting up earlier or something. I called her about 12:30, but she had already lost hope and gone to do something else (out of town) until Friday. Bummer, huh? Now I'm just messing around on the 'net until class, I guess. I did get to hang out with Jenna last night, though. That was fun and random. She just emailed me yesterday saying that she'd be in town last night and that's about it. So I called her up and we got together after the 8-ball tournament and just sat and talked for a few hours. She had to take off around 1:30 because she's driving (at least halfway) back to Stanford today. Maybe I'll call Will Hume and tweak his firewall for him. He's been asking me to do this for a little while now, and since I'm now thouroughly bored it seems like as good an idea as any. Peace out.
12:55 -epw


Good morning. I played in the 8-ball tournament last night, and then I got together with Jenna, who randomly sent me an email saying that she was in town for a couple of days. That was a bunch of fun. Today I'm gonna get together with Stacy and I also have some classes to attend this afternoon. Dave want me to go with him to buy a new printer for our computer since the HP Deskjet 630C that we have isn't being very cooperative. I don't think I'd know what kind we should get, though. They all seem to malfunction after about a half a year anyway. Unless we got one of those new fangled laser printers, but they're mighty expensive iirc. Anyway, I've already slept away too much of the day, I'd better get moving.
11:42 -epw

Monday, July 15, 2002


Home at last, but now I'm being nagged to clean the house and do all sort of neverending chores. I suppose when I move out it will put a stop to that. Right now I'm starving since I haven't eaten yet today. I think I'll grab something to eat and then I'll probably get suckered into doing random crap from Dave's List (TM). I'd complain more, but I don't have any other plans that I would be doing anyway. This makes it kind of difficult to be angry that I can't do what I want when I don't even know what I want to do. Oh well, someday I'll figure it all out.
19:26 -epw


I'm at school right now. I got here a little after 15:30, and when I tried to go to class, there was no one in the room. It was real wierd, because I'm pretty sure it's not a holiday and I was at the right place at the right time. So now I'm just messing around on the web and reading the Alibi trying to figure out what I should do tomorrow with Stacy. I was considering going to see Enigma with her, but since I saw it yesterday I think something else will have to happen. There's the Alibi short film festival going on that we could go and check out, or we could go have dinner somewhere and then see it, or we could go to a museum, or the crest, or something else... I'm just too indecisive to make these kinds of decisions. Oh well, I guess I'll have to decide on something before tomorrow afternoon rolls around. Maybe I'll ask around and get suggestions on what one can do with a girl in Albuquerque. In any case, it'll have to be something that she'd enjoy. Maybe I'll make a list of possibilities and let her pick which one she'd like to do. I'm just worried that I'll choose something that she's already done a bunch of times or something that she won't enjoy very much. Not that I actually let the worry get to me, but still... If you're reading this and are in Albuquerque, or know of cool things to do in Albuquerque, pleeeeease tell me about them.
16:30 -epw

Sunday, July 14, 2002


I just got home from seeing Enigma and having dinner at Bennigans with Trek and Danny. I told them about Will's prospective Shadowrun campaign, so hopefully we can get some runners together for a good night of fun. I really liked the movie, and it was nice to follow it up with a good meal and a couple pints of Guinness. I told Trek and Danny we could aim for Thursday to meet up again and go cause havoc.
23:13 -epw


I talked to Stacy on Saturday, but she was already doing stuff (going to the zoo). She wants me to call her on Tuesday after work. That's the time that I've been trying to get off so I can play in the 8-ball tournament, but I think I'd rather hang out with Stacy than play 8-ball. Today I'm going to go see Enigma with Trek and Danny after I get off work. Yesterday I worked and then ended up hanging out with Mike, Will, and Adam at the dam for a while, then went over to Mark and Robin's and did some more chillin'.
14:51 -epw

Friday, July 12, 2002


I woke up about 30 minutes ago. I'm going to take a shower and call Stacy. I might eat at some point, too. If you need me, you can email me at ethan_p_wellman@yahoo.com, ethan_p_wellman@hotmail.com, epw@nova.netdot.net, or epw@netdot.net.
17:06 -epw


Today we (Mike, Locky, and I) gamed for a good while. After that Mike and I went back to his apartment and (surprise, surprise) played some more Virtua Fighter 4. They have this really cool feature where you can create an AI fighter and train it by performing moves on it which it then learns. You can also combine moves for various techniques which it will also learn. Then you can throw it into continuous battle mode (they call it Kumite) where it will fight matches with random opponents until you tell it to stop. During these matches it will learn how to fight better and pick up moves from it's opponents (especially when it fights the computer as its own character). So what we do is train it a little, then throw it into battle and leave it overnight or when we go out so it can improve its skills. It's pretty fun to mess around with and watch it pick up things as it sees them performed. Anyhow, that's pretty much all I did today. Tomorrow I don't have anything scheduled, but Mike was talking about going out and looking for apartments. I'd like to get together with Stacy sometime tomorrow, but I haven't talked to her for quite a while so I have no idea what her schedule is like for tomorrow or the weekend. See you next time.
04:48 -epw

Thursday, July 11, 2002


Mike left his backpack (containing work keys) in my car again last night. So this morning I had to get up and drive his backpack down to him at work. Then I went back home and fell asleep again. I woke up only about 40 minutes ago when he called again so say that we were gaming as soon as we could get everyone together. So now I'm dealing with all the crap Dave wants me to do before I leave for gaming. I have to pick up Mike at his house and drive him to Locky's house where we'll game. I just wonder how much I will have to do before I can leave without pissing Dave off for "sleeping all goddamn day", "not helping out around the house", "running out to have fun with your friends without thinking about what needs to be done", and a bunch of other stuff that I'm sure you can guess given the vein of those comments. So wish me luck, I guess.
17:31 -epw


Today I missed my first two classes in order to write a take-home exam for my sci-fi class. I went to class with it still barely started, but managed to finish it during class and hand it in just as the teacher was leaving. Then Mikey and I went to China Wok and got some food. We were planning on going to see Minority Report, but we would have had to wait about an hour to see it, so we saw Men in Black II instead. It was ok, but since it didn't have the advantage of introducing us to the Men in Black it seemed like it was somehow less than the first one. Then we went back to Mikeys and played some more Virtua Fighter 4. Then I came home and here I am.
03:55 -epw

Tuesday, July 09, 2002


I just got home from work. I work again this afternoon at 16:00. I should get some sleep in while I have the chance. Man, I hate scheduling debacles. Especially when it leaves you with a 24-hour period in which you work 16 hours. Today was also going to be the first day that I would be able to play in the 8-ball tournament, but so much for that plan. After tonight, I'm fairly sure that I don't work again until Saturday morning. Here's my schedule as far as I know it for the next few days:

Yellow Freight 16:00-00:00TVI 10:30-19:30TVI 12:30-16:30, Gaming in the evening sometimeMCI 08:00-16:00
MCI 08:00-16:00TVI 10:30-19:30MCI 08:00-16:00TVI 10:30-19:30TVI 12:30-16:30

Whew, that's a lot of stuff to do. I hope I can find some time to hang out with Stacy... she's a very cool girl.
09:07 -epw

Monday, July 08, 2002


I just realized I didn't blog yesterday. Sorry about that. Yesterday I worked at MCI from 08:00 to 16:00, then I went home and sat around for a while. Mikey called up and was at home playing Virtua Fighter 4 for the PS2 with Adam. I went over there and played VF4 for a while, then came home and fell asleep. The night before last I ended up hanging out with Mark and Robin at their house, but Mikey didn't come over to Mark's because he was playing Virtua Fighter 4 with Will and Adam. I think the game is Adam's, but it's at Mikey's for the moment.
17:02 -epw

Saturday, July 06, 2002


I'm up, I'm up! When I got home from work, I was gonna take a little nap. But a little nap turned into 4-5 hours long. Now I've gotten up again and I had a couple of chili dogs for breakfast. Mikey and Mark are getting off work around 23:30, so I'll call them up around that time and see what they're up to.

"The wonderful thing about tiggers
is tiggers are wonderful things
their tops are made out of rubber
their bottoms are made out of springs
they're bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, bouncy
full of fun, fun, fun
but the most wonderful thing about tiggers...
is I'm the only one."
22:19 -epw


Man, it is way too early to have to be at work. I'm here, though... and I'll be here until 16:00. I got almost 4 hours of sleep last night before I had to get up and get to work. I work again tomorrow morning. Last night I chilled with Mikey at his place, but we didn't end up gaming, just playing lots of Tekken Bowl. After that, I hung out with Mark at his house until the wee hours of the morning. I think I'll take a nap when I get off today. Maybe tomorrow I can track down Stacy when she gets back in town. Peace be with you.
10:18 -epw

Friday, July 05, 2002


Today I woke up around 14:00 at Robin's house and chilled there for most of the "morning" (until about 18:00). Then I came home and had some breakfast and took a shower. I plan to go to Mikeys and game tonight. That's all that's been going on with me, how're you?
19:00 -epw

Thursday, July 04, 2002


Yesterday I had classes, and then after class Mikey and Will and I rented some movies (How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog, Novocaine, Tart, and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust) and went down to Mikey's to watch them. Adam met us there and brought a couple six-packs. We watched movies until almost 02:00 (we only got through How to Kill Your Neighbor's Dog and Tart), and then I came home (with a headache, unfortunately) and tried to get to sleep. This morning I woke up around 14:00 or so and went with Eric to MCI where Brandy was working and we had a little 3-person barbeque out in the back patio area. We took off when Brandy got off work and came home. I tried calling Stacy but I guess she's out of town until Sunday. What to do on this lazy, lazy 4th of July?
17:15 -epw

Wednesday, July 03, 2002


Sorry about the terrible run-on sentence for my description of yesterday. I think I must have just been to tired to write anything meaningful or even terribly descriptive. Today I worked from 15:30 to 00:00. I changed out of my work clothes and ate when I got home, and then I went to Mikey's. We played some more GTA3, and then I came home and got on the net. Not very exciting, I know... but what can you do?
03:54 -epw

Tuesday, July 02, 2002


I had classes and then went home and ate and then went to Mikeys and then went to Hollywood Video and then went back to Mikeys and then played GTA3 and then played Tekken Tag and then went home and here I am.
02:48 -epw

Monday, July 01, 2002


Monday morning is here again... Time to go to classes and try and get a degree. <sarcasm>Oh what fun it is to go to class all day long.</sarcasm> Classes have been going ok, I guess... I'm a little behind in my sci-fi reading, but I think I'll be alright because I've already read Ender's Game, which the class hasn't even started yet. I'm also part way through Neuromancer, which we also haven't officially started. On the other hand, I should be finished with Starship Troopers, which I'm not; I should also have started Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (a.k.a. Bladerunner), but I don't even have a copy of the book yet. Ahh, life's little complications- aren't they great?
11:46 -epw

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